Technology & System Integration

Increasing value creation and accelerating time to market

Investments in technology as a unique selling proposition

We focus on the right solution to drive our customers' business and use a technology-agnostic approach that provides access to up-to-date, reliable, and appropriate solutions. We have strong partners on our side. Ensuring security and legally compliant use of all information is critical. Ultimately, it's not just about technology; we ensure that our methodologies, Ambassadors, industry knowledge, and governance are aligned with the technologies to deliver the right customer outcomes.

Experience & System Integration

In today's digital world, the ability to effectively integrate across systems, data sources and channels is essential. Globl.Contact has years of experience in the top management of BPOs and multi-national companies, as well as the successful and efficient integration of a wide range of customer-based systems, commercial applications, channel services, and our internal network along with data services.

Process Optimization

Improve your efficiency by using our EDGE methodology (Engineered Design for Global Excellence) and productivity tools. Reinvigorate workforce management to identify saving opportunities, optimize processes (Root Case Analysis) or improve productive output in the front/back office using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Replace manual touchpoints with workflows, automate processes, standardize workflows for greater efficiency and focus with us on the contact that really counts - the moment of truth....

Enabled Operations

Drive better customer engagement and expand your sale channels with our scalable cloud contact center. With our "remote-only" solution, you can flexibly manage operations without increasing the cost of your infrastructure.

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