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Customer Experience Services (Customer Care)

Thanks to innovative technologies, outstanding training, and coaching concepts as well as the intensive use of performance data, our Agents are able to solve complex problems which your customers cannot fix through digital self-service.

Customer retention, growth, and acquisition (Sales & Retention Services)

Use a comprehensive omnichannel approach to sales and customer retention. With Globl.Contact Sales & Retention, we help you retain your existing customers and acquire new ones in a sustainable way.

Globl.Contact Tech Services

Based on deep, technical know-how, your customers will receive comprehensive advice and effective solutions from our Ambassadors with a focus on the customer experience.

Globl.Contact in numbers


Hours of training time per year

The development of our Ambassadors is very important to us. To ensure that the exchange and growth of knowledge is always encouraged, our Ambassadors can book exciting trainings and coaching sessions however and whenever they wish.


Mental Health Coaches

Wellbeing, a good "life-work balance", and mental health are important to us. For this purpose, our employees have trained coaches at their side. We for our Ambassadors in all life situations.


Communities in which our Agents are active

In communities, the focus is on interactive learning and live support. There is also an exchange about various - also private - topics and interests. For example, there is a book club, a cooking club or a trading club.



Our Ambassadors work from all over the world



Our employees speak 8 languages - native or very close to it.

Work from everywhere! 

At Globl.Contact, you have the possibility to choose your work location. Thanks to our 100% remote approach and our sophisticated technologies, you can work from anywhere. Let your job follow you! With us your dream comes true: live and work where others go on vacation.

Work whenever you want!  

At Globl.Contact, it's not the clock that determines your everyday life but you! Whether you are a night owl or an earlybird - everyone will find their rhythm with us. Divide your working hours individually and work when it suits you best.


Flexibility is very important to us. Adapt your work to your life and not vice versa! Determine the working place and time yourself, completely free and flexible.

We connect the most competent employees ...

... with the most important customers - your customers

Our system for operational excellence

Learning ecosystem

In today's digital world, the ability to effectively integrate across systems, data sources and channels are essential.

Process optimization

Improve your efficiency by using our EDGE (Engineered Design for Global Excellence) methodology and productivity tools. We help you to do it.

Enabled operations

Drive better customer engagement and expand your sales channels with our scalable cloud contact center. With our "remote-only" solution, you can flexibly manage operations without increasing the cost of your infrastructure.

We live communities!

It's about evoking feelings and building an emotional connection, inspiring customers and employees to engage with your brand. We create exceptional customer engagement, accelerate digital transformation and deliver actionable CX insights - learning with every contact, thanks to our "learning ecosystem". We help you reinvent your business and get you there faster than you ever thought possible.

Work with us!